5 Hidden beaches in Yogyakarta (Gunung Kidul) with pristine shores, secret waterfalls and rugged la

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1. Daredevil Instagrammers’ favourite spot – Nguluran Beach Glass Terrace (1 hour and 30 minutes from Jogja)

This cliffside beach offers endless sea views that will surely remind you of Bali’s iconic Uluwatu. However, don’t expect it to be just another typical cliffside beach as here you’re guaranteed a special and unique feature that is difficult to find elsewhere across Indonesia.

Introducing the one-and-only beach with a glass-bottom terrace – Nguluran! Come and test your inner acrophobia by standing above the open sea and watch the waves crash against the cliffs! Can you feel the adrenaline rush?!

No stress, the spot is safe, strong and sturdy even after being invaded by hundreds of Instagrammers looking for the best shot to impress their virtual friends.

Now if Cinderella took over the world, thanks to her glass shoes, you sure could be famous for stepping on a glass terrace overlooking the rugged sea of Jogja!

Once there, you can also find other quirky photo spots such as a giant chair on the edge of the cliff (would you dare sit here?!) and cycle rickshaw with wings! These are just begging to be photographed!!

2. Chill in a Lagoon by the Sea: Wedi Ombo Beach (2 hours and 10 minutes from Jogja)

Always wanted to take a relaxing dip in the ocean but end up getting washed to and fro by the constant waves? At the Wedi Ombo Beach in Gunungkidul, you can soak peacefully in the salt water as you watch the sun sink into the horizon.

Surrounded by neatly stacked coral rocks, you might even start to think that the lagoon at Wedi Ombo Beach is man-made.

Be wary of the tide levels here though.

High tides have been seen to overflow into the lagoon, bringing its violent waves along. In a worst case scenario, the sudden gush of water creates a current strong enough to pull people towards the sea, possibly hitting coral rocks and causing injuries.

3. Bask in a magical waterfall that drops into the sea – Banyu Tibo  Beach (2 hours 45 minutes from Jogja city)

This little nook of paradise feels like it’s worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But oh, you don’t want to miss the waterfall by the beach while you’re there!

At Banyu Tibo Beach, visitors are left speechless by the beauty and miracle of Mother Nature as they get to relish the soothing water cascading from the cliff, down to the sand stretch and further flowing right into the sea. The small waterfall winds its way to the ocean through a rock crevasse. The waters are beautifully turquoise so don’t miss the picture-perfect views from the top of the cliff!

4. A two-in-one attraction (beach + flower field) – Pantai Samas Sunflower Garden (1 hour from Jogja city)

This sunflower garden is a novel selfie spot that has become an instant sensation on Instagram.

Though not particularly big and located just 5 minutes away from Pantai Samas (a humdrum beach that most people neglect), this sunflower garden that blooms all year long has successfully attracted nearly 2000 people a day during the peak season.

Curious about why this place is such a hit? Come visit and find out for yourself!

5. Dragonfruit plantation and a View from the Top: Lighthouse at Pandansari Beach (1 hour from Jogja)

Sitting high and mighty at over 30 metres in height, the Pandansari Beach in Bantul is home to the one-and-only lighthouse in the region of Yogyakarta.

Still in operation, visitors are allowed to climb up its winding staircase during the day, to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beach at seven storeys high.

This place is also known for its dragonfruit plantations. You won’t miss the patches of bright red looking down from the top of the lighthouse. Visitors can actually roam around the gardens and pick ripe dragonfruit straight from the trees – it makes for a highly nutritional gift from Pandansari Beach!

And don’t overlook the greyish sands. Spruce trees are found to grow right onto the fringes of the beach, and during the dry seasons between April and September, they shed most of their leaves, leaving behind a stunning sight that reminds you of autumn in Japan.

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